The Best Programmes for Web Developers

By on 10. Februar 2012

Whether you are an amateur ‘do-it-yourself’ programmer or a professional website designer working for a client; creating a successful website requires  both a sound knowledge of various software applications and an understanding of your client’s needs. Different designs call for different tools and knowing what programmes and software you need is of the utmost importance when starting your website design.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Tools for Website Building

It is important that you find a programme that you feel comfortable using. Basic requirements of a good web developing program are easy- to- use features for adding and editing content and images such as ready-made templates, drag and drop features, grammar and spelling checker, and graphic imaging tools, to name just a few. The significance of multimedia features like audio, video, flash and animation effects cannot be underestimated as they work like seasoning in a meal. Also, help and support facilities, featuring frequently asked questions and tutorials sections are obvious necessities.

Best Programmes for Website Building

A very popular website developing software is Adobe Dreamweaver, which is known for producing standard HTML codes that can be easily accessed by many web designers and HTML editors. Other popular programmes include Web Easy Professional, Intuit Website Creator and Web Studio. Website building also requires the use of flexible but professional digital image software such as Adobe Photoshop, another option is Paint Shop Pro. WebGraphics Optimizer is a graphic optimization tool that allows a comparison of up to five versions of your graphics for easy choice and adaptation. Google Sitemap Generator helps to generate site maps, while Test- Everything, a web-based application, efficiently facilitates the multi-purpose testing of features and effects, thereby reducing time spent using other means.

In general, the best website building programmes are determined by a comparison of their functionalities and, of course, their prices. This may however be relative, since the preference of website developers usually differs, depending on their individual goals.

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