How to Attract Traffic to Your Website

By on 27. Januar 2012

The ability to attract website traffic is a skill which all web developers need. Even the most experienced of designers and copywriters can find that their wonderful content alone is not generating the traffic to their sites that they would like. The first step in attracting website traffic is to have really good quality content. Providing a service or information that visitors to the site will find useful and informative will ensure that visitors return. Good writing will encourage readers to linger on your site and possibly return to read more. However, good content alone is not enough to ensure a constant flow of traffic to a site, and there are several measures which can be taken to increase website traffic to any site.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is about ensuring that your website features at the top of all searches. This is the most important step any online writer can take to increase website traffic. Using a keyword tool such as Google tool words is an excellent way to improve your SEO skills and find out what words and themes you should be including in your text.

Social Networking

Almost everyone uses social network sites and services such as Facebook and Twitter can drive a huge amount of traffic to any site. They key is to choose which forum is most suitable for your site’s content. LinkedIn is a professional networking site which can also be used to promote similar professional sites.

Good Quality Content

It is imperative to keep the content of the site fresh and up to date. All text should be written professionally, and can be outsourced if necessary. There are sites which provide a community of talented writers who will quickly and professionally write quality text for any subject.


Creating links within your site to other sites in exchange for links back to yours can be a great way of generating website traffic. However, proceed with caution as excessive link exchanges can create the opposite effect on a website. It’s very important to choose link exchange partners very carefully as links to low quality sites can cause your own site to lose credibility.


The large search engines such as Google and Yahoo offer ‚cost per click‘ schemes. These schemes can be expensive but may be worth considering depending on the type of site you have. Another way to increase website traffic is submit content from your website to sites such as “Stumble Upon” or other reputable e-zines. This is completely free of charge and if readers like your articles, they are likely to follow the link back to your site.

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