How to Improve Your Computer’s Speed and Performance

By on 13. Januar 2012

With modern technology constantly improving, you should never be forced to sit in front of a computer, which seems to scan through every file on the system before actually opening the desired program. When snails function faster than your machine, you know something is wrong. Thankfully, there are several tricks available for improving the computer performance, without purchasing expensive upgrades and opening up the computer for the necessary installation.

Open RAM

For starters, to improve the computer performance, close all the programs you are not using. Some programs use an incredible amount of RAM (such as video editors, games and graphics software). The more programs you have running, the less RAM is available for each program. So, if the system begins to stall, close the software you currently do not need open.

Delete Software

Delete software no longer needed on the computer’s drive. When the hard drive fills up, the computer performance begins to drag. This is because the computer needs to search through all the files in order to locate the desired program content, but the reduction in hard drive space makes it difficult for some software titles to function properly. The improvement in available disc space increases the computer performance of the system.

Defrag Hard Drive

For anyone using a Windows computer, it is necessary to defrag the hard drive occasionally (this is not necessary on a Mac as it always performs this process via its saving methods). When a computer program is deleted, it leaves blank space in the hard drive. However, the hard drive does not then save new information over the open space, but in a different location. This means there are pockets of unused storage on your hard drive that the system must move over in order to locate necessary files. This slows down the computer performance immensely. The hard drive defrag pushes all the files on the drive back together, so no longer does the computer need to scan over open space and it also gives you additional storage. You should see an immediate change in performance as soon as the system defrag has completed.


Picture copyright knipsit – Fotolia