How to Save Money on Printing Costs

By on 13. Februar 2012

When running a small business or home office, there are several areas you are able to cut the total overhead down, one of which being the printing cost. Printing becomes a major expenditure, so if at all possible, reducing the amount you spend on printing is a valuable asset that is sure to help you grow your company and deepen the amount of cash you have on hand.

Buy Online in Bulk

Buying material online is often a great way to save money, especially if you buy in bulk. Searching the Internet allows you to find the very best prices for anything from ink to paper and even a new printer. Plus, several websites, such as,  often offer you discounts when you buy online in bulk. If you have the immediate means, spend a little extra money up front to receive the best price and savings. Savings on items vary, but outside the printer ink and printers, look for the different paper styles. Paper varies in thickness and durability, so if you just need to print documents in office, look for the lighter, cheaper paper. Just in the paper price alone you can save a considerable amount of money every year, with the paper you buy online.

Adjust Printer Ink

After you buy online, there are several areas available for saving money with printer ink. For starters, there are generic brands that fit with your printer. Generic brands are far less expensive than the name brands, and generally last just as long. This printer ink is available at most computer stores and you can buy online. Additionally, when possible, only use the black printer ink with your daily documents, even if the material is in color. Use the gray scale feature on your computer to only print in black and gray. The black printer ink cartridge is the cheapest ink cartridge available, so if you only use the ink from this cartridge, you save a considerable amount of money over using color printer ink. Only use the color ink when making presentations or when sending out material to clients. This is when you want to make a big impression, so color ink is essential.